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air filter

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    I've been looking forward to swapping out the stock exhaust on my 2017 Desert Sled for awhile now and finally jumped on it. Purchased my Arrow Exhaust through MotovationUSA.com and a K&N High Performance Air Filter through Jegs.com. Also purchased the ECU tuning tool RexXer EVO "User" to adjust...
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    So, I replaced my stock air filter with a K&N. Here's the issue I am having since the replacement. When riding on the highway cruising at say 60-65 if I wring the throttle to pass or speed up, the engine almost seems to have an overdrive. I can really hear the engine kick in as if I changed...
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    Hi do we have someone for the rexxer performance mapping in victoria? it's time for a little more poke for my scrambler. I'm looking at an air filter too. Any recommendations? Cheers