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  1. ABS

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    What I am going to ask may be daft, so if it is please be kind! I have a Desert Sled now three months and 3000km old. I have never felt the ABS come on. I have had a brake issue - the rear brake fluid was contaminated and the pedal went to the stop. The fluid is going dark again so this weekend...
  2. Rear brake switch loading

    Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    Can it be true that the rear brake pedal rests on the brake light switch? It seems that when the brake pedal is released by your foot it is the light switch that it then rests on. The switch on this 2019 DS is held in by 2 plastic studs integral to the switch. I can't beleive this is the...
  3. How to Make a Brake Fluid Catch Can

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    Here’s a simple DIY for a brake fluid catch can that makes bleeding brakes easy. Tools Needed Clear plastic bottle Rubber tube longer than bottle (clear is better) Zip tie Drill Drill bit (equal or larger diameter than hose) Step 1 Drill hole in bottle cap Step 2 Zip tie the hose...
  4. How to Bleed the Brakes on Your Ducati Scrambler

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    This blog will be broken down into 3 easy to follow processes to bleeding the brakes on your Scrambler. Front Brakes Rear Brakes Test! Here is a link to our full video! Tools Needed 8mm box wrench 11mm box wrench tubing/hose DOT 3,4, 5.1 Brake Fluid (we are using Motul RBF 600 aka the good...
  5. FS OEM Brake and Clutch lever black

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    As new, came off an Italia Independente. Pictures coming soon. 60$ shipped to USA or Canada