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  1. Spongy Brakes

    Scrambler Talk
    Hi, 2018 model sled but in commision only 9 months and 4000 km. Rear brake fluid changed twice and bled three times. Front brake fluid changed once and bled twice. Just today managed to talk with my local (non Ducati) tech who said 'Air keeps getting in brakes, must be ABS fault'. Nobody else...
  2. Front brakes not holding pressure

    Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    Hi everyone, just got a used 2015 UE about a month ago. Had about 2800km on it, I've since put on 1000km. So when I first got the bike, I immediately noticed that the front brake was spongy - brake lever setting on the 2nd closest would touch the throttle. Obviously an air pocket in the line...
  3. Screeching noise front brake/disk

    Ducati Scrambler: Full Throttle
    hi, i have just purchased a new scrambler full throttle 2019 version just over a week ago. From day 1 the front brake/disk makes a screeching noise when i brake to get to a stand still at slow speeds. At first i thought this might be normal as the break was getting used to the disk so to say...
  4. How to Bleed the Brakes on Your Ducati Scrambler

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    This blog will be broken down into 3 easy to follow processes to bleeding the brakes on your Scrambler. Front Brakes Rear Brakes Test! Here is a link to our full video! Tools Needed 8mm box wrench 11mm box wrench tubing/hose DOT 3,4, 5.1 Brake Fluid (we are using Motul RBF 600 aka the good...
  5. Rear brake pads

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    I'm trying to get my rear brake pads out. I've pulled out the retaining clip, the pistons are pushed back, but the pin doesn't want to come out. I'm not sure which way it is even supposed to come out. It spins freely, and I've tried tapping it both sides, but it's not moving. Any tips on how...