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  2. 2019 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle/Cafe with Mods

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    I have an 2019 Scrambler FT, have mod it into an Cafe Racer style. Wrap in gloss black. I have posted pictures of it before. But here is a short vid on it, and how it sounds. Any questions hit me up, Enjoy!
  3. Barceloca Vote Custom Rumble - takes 30 seconds

    Scrambler Talk
    Hi people, here is a link to the Ducati Scrambler Custom Rumble contest, would be amazing if some of you guys could vote for mine! Barceloca https://scramblerducati.com/ww/custom-rumble/2019-edition/custom-rumble-voting/
  4. WTB: OEM "brown" cafe racer stock seat

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy the brown cafe racer single seat that comes stock on the cafe racer 2018 and earlier. update: wound up buying one from dealer - thanks
  5. Cafe Racer 1100

    Scrambler Builds
    Well, FUTURE Cafe Racer 1100...Currently WIP, this will take some time... Brought a new 2018 SCR1100 home last night, dealer installed the much lower black handlebars and bar-ends, as well as Angel GTs. The first parts are already falling off, waiting on fender eliminator, new signals, rear...
  6. FS: Termi off a Cafe Racer - Shotgun Black

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Up for sale is my Termi Shotgun off my cafe racer. Recently replaced with a NRC and do not plan on switching back. Less than 1500 miles; in use while still breaking in the bike, so no wide open throttle if that makes a differences :05.18-flustered:. Mint condition! Asking $500 Shipped...
  7. Headlights always running??

    Scrambler Talk
    So I have my scrambler cafe racer and I noticed that the headlights are always running so the DRL don't even show off. I was wondering if there's any way of turning the headlights off and I haven't find it or if that is the way it is. I really haven't find anything about this in the forums so...
  8. My Scrambler

    Scrambler Builds
    My 2018 Ducati scrambler icon - Rizoma handle bar - Gauge relocator - Mugello seat - Rear fender eliminator/Rear turn signals - Mugello side panels - CNC bar end mirrors - Exhaust is on the way...
  9. ISO Scrambler Cafe Bar-end Mirrors

    Scrambler Talk
    I have a 2016 FTP. I'm searching for a set of bar end mirrors that come on the Cafe Racer edition. Anyone know of a good place to find these? The Ducati shop that was near me is no longer. Any direction on good websites to look would be much appreciated.
  10. Some slight mods to get me looking the way I want :)

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
  11. Which mirrors for the "Scrambler Café Racer" look?

    Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    Hi all, I have a 2018 Icon. I'm eager to change out the mirrors, and would love to get as close as I can to the look of the mirrors on the Scrambler Café Racer model (pictured here). The front-runner right now is the Rizoma Eccentrico Bar End Mirror (I'm willing to pay the premium for a good...
  12. Termignoni Full throttle exhaust for sale! Mint take off item : Los Angeles

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
  13. Hello from New England

    Community Help
    I just took delivery of my '17 Café Racer on Tuesday, June 21st. Purchased at New Haven PowerSports (Dan's awesome) in Connecticut. While I don't have anything too hardcore planned for this machine, because it's gorgeous as it sits, I will be starting a build thread -- mostly just for me to...
  14. Cafe Full Throttle

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Hello from California! I am always lurking on here so I thought I would share my current setup. I decided to go towards the cafe look, for now at least. Remap, rear ohlins and new master cylinder/clutch lever coming soon! All work done myself so feel free to ask any questions :) Current...
  15. Excited new owner

    Community Help
    Hello All, Just got a 2016 Red Icon. Going to try and mod as a custom Cafe Racer/Scrambler blend. First thing I am doing is ordering the following from MotovationUSA.com: Rizoma Drag Bar, Rizoma Handlebar Riser with center gauge bracket, Rizoma Billet Aluminum Grips Anyone ever put these on...
  16. Full Throttle Cafe Style

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    My Full Throttle so far. Latest additions were: Clip on Handlebar Rizoma Gauge Bracket Rizoma Spy-R Mirrors Kellermann Micro 1000 indicators 3d printed rear indicator mount to remove original tail
  17. Cafe racer conversion.

    Scrambler Talk
    Hi, does anybody know anything about this conversion, such as who made the seat unit etc!
  18. Scrambler R at EICMA

    Scrambler Talk
    A new Scrambler R?