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  1. Ducati Scrambler: Caferacer
    Whats the length of the stock handlebar? Currently looking at doing a clip-on conversion on my icon by buying the clip on risers from the cafe racer from a dealer. I got a quote and the bars are $50 each so I figured I'd save some money by buying aftermarket bars and using those on the OEM...
  2. Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    Not sure who needs to see this, but I swapped out the stock Café Racer exhaust with this super affordable shorty one from Amazon (here's the link). I recorded the whole thing here: A few months in and I still quite like it. I'm due for a 7.5k maintenance check soon and will see if anything...
  3. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    hi has anyone tried the cnc clip ons from ebay? ordered one just for trial and also does anyone have a center gauge relocator that is fabricated and not rizoma which is too pricey. thanks in advance! Motorcycle Clip On 7/8" CNC Handlebar 33/35/37/39/41/43/45/48/50/51 MM Fork Tube | eBay
1-3 of 3 Results