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  1. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    I decided to give it a try to a trail near home, that during raining season is usually only accessible to mountain bikes and 4x4, and this video is the result of my adventure. All I can conclude is that I need different tires (still with the stock ones).
  2. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Another trip around Costa Rica. This time we went north to San Carlos (near Arenal Volcano), and returned through Sarapiquí and arrived to Waterfall La Paz in Vara Blanca Poás (a zone affected by a really strong earthquake few years ago, you can see we still have a temporary bridge near the...
  3. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    We couldn't ride during March, so we decided to make a longer trip this month, near 226 miles of street and country road. The Scrambler was up to the challenge! :D
  4. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Enjoying my Scrambler and riding with a group of friends from San Jose (Costa Rica capital) to the Pacific shore at Puntarenas This is the approximated route we took...
1-4 of 4 Results