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  1. Installing SW-Motech Crash bars

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    This guide doesn't pretend to replace SW-Motech instructions, but help in areas where the instructions are not enough clear. Required tools: Jack (to support engine) 4mm (to remove covers) 5.5mm (to use on sw-motech screws) 8mm hex (Allen) key (to help remove original bolt) 15mm for original...
  2. Frame to Motor nut size

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    My apologize if I added this post in the incorrect section. I bought the SW-Motech Crash bars, but it seems I don't have the tools to put them on. I'm missing an allen and a nut of the frame that "holds" the motor (or at least it looks like it does). Since I'm not sure how to call them, I'm...
  3. SW Motech crash bars

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    SW-MOTECH Ducati Scrambler Crash Bar First set of crash bars for the Ducati Scrambler!