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  1. Tuning Options For 2018 Desert Sled

    Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    Hello all, I have a 2018 desert Sled with a Leo Vince catless exhaust and high flow air filter installed. I had planned to get it tuned/remapped by my local Ducati shop but they said they couldn’t. So I rode to the next city over, Austin, and was told by the shop here they could do it. They used...
  2. Has anyone here installed a HotBodies Racing MGP Exhaust?

    Scrambler Talk
    I've been looking around for an exhaust to replace my current one with. I have 15 Icon, with a FT Termi. I'm looking for something more throaty, a little louder, lighter and better looking. Would love it if it added any kind of performance improvement too, but really don't expect much, if any...