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  1. Scrambler Talk
    I removed the stock exhaust on my Full Throttle and installed an SC Project CR-T. Much too loud for me so, I tried to reinstall to the stock exhaust/ catalytic converter but I'm missing some parts so that's out of the question now. What's the quietest after-market slip-on you've ever heard...
  2. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I ordered them online from the official retailer (Motovation in Austin, TX), paid $756.77 and installed them 2 days ago (8/21/19). These things are so loud they make your ears bleed. If that's your thing, let me know. I'm reinstalling my stock pipes. These are the titanium ones. Thanks
  3. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Up for sale is my Termi Shotgun off my cafe racer. Recently replaced with a NRC and do not plan on switching back. Less than 1500 miles; in use while still breaking in the bike, so no wide open throttle if that makes a differences :05.18-flustered:. Mint condition! Asking $500 Shipped...
  4. Ducati Scrambler: 1100
    Has anyone seen or thought about wrapping the header pipes on an 1100? Looks nice on some bikes. Helps control the temp on the right side as well. I'm probably going to give it a try.
  5. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Termi Evo exhaust off of a 2016 Flat Track Pro. Bike was purchased in Jan of 2018 and the exhaust was replaced shortly after purchase. Less than 50 miles on the bike when the exhaust was replaced. $375, plus $18 shipping ($393.00 total)
  6. Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    I was thinking of getting a Zard Zuma for my Desert Sled. I checked some topics here at the forum and it looks like some think that I would need to do a bit of changes to the ECU before or when I install the exhaust. Does anyone use Zard Zuma on their Sleds? Did you all make this ECU update or...
  7. Ducati Scrambler: Icon
    Hi Riders Good day Am residing in UAE, today bought CR-T Silencer for my ICON 2014 model. Have any one used and along with the exhaust what all other accessories to be installed. Is it mandatory to have AFM Unit. Can anyone share their knowledge of this model exhaust. Cheers
  8. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Excellent condition Termignoni Exhaust for sale. Removed from a Full Throttle at 4000 miles. Regularly cleaned and polished. Looks and sounds great. $350 plus shipping. All mounting brackets and hardware are included. Retails for almost $1,500
  9. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Exhaust comes from an Italia Independente and has less than 100 miles on it. The silver cover comes from a Full Throttle and has a few scratches on it. Cover can be easily replaced if needed with silver or black colour. 425$ shipped to USA or Canada
  10. Scrambler Talk
    Like its looks and sound very much, but have a few questions. Is it very (obnoxiously) loud? Can it be fitted with a DB killer? Over the long term, how do you like it? Did you do a reflash? If so, what real difference did you experience, honestly? Also looking at the Hotbodies slip-on and the...
  11. Scrambler Talk
    I've been looking around for an exhaust to replace my current one with. I have 15 Icon, with a FT Termi. I'm looking for something more throaty, a little louder, lighter and better looking. Would love it if it added any kind of performance improvement too, but really don't expect much, if any...
  12. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I bought this Competition Werkes Stainless Slip-on exhaust with removable silencer installed new in July for my '15 Scrambler Classic. It's in perfect condition. Includes all original packaging, paperwork and receipt as well. I'm in Oregon, USA. $540 new, best offer.
  13. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    $150. Took it off from my Classic. In excellent shape.
  14. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Termignoni Evo Line exhaust that came fitted to my Full Throttle. It was on the bike for approximately 4000 miles. In good condition, comes with all the bolts and required bracket to fit straight onto any Scrambler. (The tape is just keeping the bolts safe) Goes right on, no need for...
  15. Scrambler Performance
    I recently bought a leo vince SLIP ON GpII exhaust after 1 hour of moving the curve of the exhaust ive noticed that it does NOT work i email the company and recieve an automatic responde "we are vacactions till sept" i wtire the FB page, TW, instagram After a week they answer..."aparently the...
  16. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    A great value addition that stops the Scrambler Icon sounding like a sewing machine. (This is with the DB Killers fitted)
  17. Scrambler Talk
    So I burnt myself for the first time yesterday. My pants rode up a bit in stop and go traffic with all the leg up and down action and my leg touch the pipe. Ouch. So wrapping is starting to make sense ( after reading all the opposing views about it) However, does anyone have experience with...
  18. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    I got a Shark DSX-10 slip-on exhaust for my Scrambler and installed it today. Quality seems good and it fit really well. Pretty easy installation. And the sound! I remember I thought the Scrambler sounded pretty good when I first got it (compared to the Kawasaki ER-6n I had at the time) but...
  19. Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    I am in the market for an aftermarket slip-on exhaust for my new Desert Sled. Does anyone know if slip-on's designed for the standard scramblers will bolt up? Somewhat concerned about the fixed mounting tab not aligning with frame mount. Leaning towards a low mount Zard system. Thanks for any...
21-40 of 50 Results