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  1. Scrambler Talk
    Hope this kind of post is allowed here. If not, please take it down. But I have a great set of the SW-Motech pegs in great shape. They are ideal for the rider who does a lot of off road, or someone not too aggressive when they corner, and would enjoy the comfort of a bigger peg with grippy...
  2. Scrambler Talk
    So i went over to my local dealer and i was looking into the off road foot-pegs but i really cant justify throwing 260$ on the scrambler brand pegs, but i looked into the Multistradas and there only 26$ we measured it out and they are the same size for the bracket i was wondering if any one has...
  3. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    From my Urban Enduro, I have the following for sale: Stock exhaust (I took delivery with the Termi system) Stock foot pegs (driver and passenger) Stock levers Stock seat Stock shock Hugger Fender/lic. plate mount Any takers?
1-3 of 3 Results