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  1. Ducati Scrambler UK
    I got this seat with the Scrambler Icon I bought a couple of months ago. It's been on the bike but is in like new condition. The OEM part number is 96880171A It certainly fits my 1015 Icon, but checking online I think it also fits Full Throttle, Urban Enduro, Classic, Flat Track Pro, & Sixty2...
  2. Scrambler Talk
    Hi all, Just wanted to thank all the people who contribute to this forum! It’s a fountain of knowledge and experience that’s given me valuable insight about my bike and on occasion, saved me from the ignorance of poorly trained dealerships... I’ve had a blast in the almost 3 years and 12,000...
  3. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
  4. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    update : SOLD 7/25/17 .............................................................................................................................
  5. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hello! looking for front fender of either full throttle or classic models - brackets also needed. Thanks for your time!
  6. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
  7. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Hello from California! I am always lurking on here so I thought I would share my current setup. I decided to go towards the cafe look, for now at least. Remap, rear ohlins and new master cylinder/clutch lever coming soon! All work done myself so feel free to ask any questions :) Current...
  8. Ducati Scrambler: Full Throttle
  9. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hey Guys, one man's trash is another mans treasure? I'll save the small talk to get the stuff listed, you guys might need it more than I do at this point. I paid retail for all these parts a few months back, you know how much they go for, lets see what I can put back in my pocket. Prices are...
  10. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    My Full Throttle so far. Latest additions were: Clip on Handlebar Rizoma Gauge Bracket Rizoma Spy-R Mirrors Kellermann Micro 1000 indicators 3d printed rear indicator mount to remove original tail
  11. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    in the woods northern berlin, germany ;-).
  12. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    First round of mods to the bike. Pulled off the carbon emissions box, mounted the gauge mover to middle of handlebars, pulled all the FT logos off and stickers, added carbon fiber Ducati tank emblem, painted front fender, chain cover, front fork covers and sprocket cover silver, plasti dipped...
  13. Ducati Scrambler: Full Throttle
    Hi all. I'm JavyO from the Philippines. I have been a lurker for quite awhile now. I have been scouring the net trying to find a way to make the FT Termis 'noisier' but have always come up short. I did some wrenching, and apparently, there are DB Killers hidden in the 'Shotgun' exhaust pipes of...
  14. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Full Throttle seat, like new only rode on it for 1000 miles. $250, located in Santa Monica, CA. Pick up preferable. PM me if interested