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  1. Sixty2 Handlebars

    Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    Hi fellow Scramblers, Has any one got any experience with different bars? I find the stock high riser bars a bit too high and fancied something a bit lower. Ive seen Ducati do sell a OEM lower version bar for a small fortune. Does anyone have any experience of the Renthal 7/8" aftermarket bar...
  2. FS Full Throttle Handlebar

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just the handlebar coming from a Full Throttle, no risers included. 50$ shipped to Canada or USA
  3. Can i change the low Handlebar with the taller from icon?

    Ducati Scrambler: Full Throttle
    As you can see in the title i want a taller Handlebar. Can i change it with ta Handlebar of the icon model? Or i have problems with cables? And does anyone knows the cost of this Handlebar ? Thanks a lot
  4. Rizoma tapered handlebars & risers/center gauge relocation kit $150

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I paid full price of $238 for the hole kit (handlebars and risers/center gauge bracket) $165 for both, shipped anywhere in the U.S. for both handlebars and center gauge relocation kit $150 for both, picked up locally from Stockton, CA (40min south of Sacramento) I have the Rizoma black tapered...