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  1. STS Smart Indicator System Install

    Ducati Scrambler: Caferacer
    Has anyone installed one of these on your cafe racer? I bought one but the installation looks like a PITA. interested to hear how anyone else went before taking the plunge.. https://safer-turn.com/smart-turn-system/
  2. Mad Hornets Fly Windscreen

    Scrambler Performance
    So, I ordered a Mad Hornets Fly Windscreen. Maaaay have been a huge mistake. Fly Wind Screen Windshield Ducati MONSTER Hypermotard Streetfighter Scrambler Diavel 659 696 795 796 1100 1100S (See Yrs) Black The build quality seems fine but I seen no GD way this can possibly fit the Scrambler...
  3. Installing SW-Motech Crash bars

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    This guide doesn't pretend to replace SW-Motech instructions, but help in areas where the instructions are not enough clear. Required tools: Jack (to support engine) 4mm (to remove covers) 5.5mm (to use on sw-motech screws) 8mm hex (Allen) key (to help remove original bolt) 15mm for original...
  4. Urban Endure Dry bags installation manual

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    Does anybody has the installation manual, mine came with out it, I need it. Thanks