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    Hey everyone, as mentioned in the title, I took my Icon Dark for a ride yesterday and found out when getting some sunlight that the dash has a humidity spot I never saw before. I will take the bike to my dealership as it has its 1,000km check now, but just wanted to know if anyone has had this...
  2. Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    My 2018 Icon has 7,607 km on the clock. Last ride, I noticed the right fork seal was weeping. I tried a Seal Doctor on it, and when I inserted the tool under the seal, oil began running out. What?! I searched, and it appears there is no discussion about weeping/leaking seals. Anyone else...
  3. Scrambler Talk
    I bought this crap new from Bert's Mega Mall in California. In less than 3k miles the clutch was slipping and the warranty did not cover it "wearable part." Now, 7k miles and I almost caught on fire when a fuel pump connector "disconnected" gushing gasoline on the hot engine and spark plugs and...
1-3 of 3 Results