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    Hi all, I’ve recently become the new owner of a lovely 1100 Sport (build year 2019). I am looking to mount a bag to the back-seat and had preliminarily jumped on the Kriega drypacks as the seemed to fit a wide range of bikes. I am definitely not the most skilful at working around the bike yet...
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    I recently got a 2018 Desert Sled as my first bike about a month ago and have been looking at some luggage options. I really like the look of the Legend Gear line especially with the MOLLE system. However it has been a pain to find any reviews on anything in the line beside the saddlebags and...
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    I picked up a set of gently used Kriega Duo 36 bags to use on my DS, but can't seem to get my hands on the platforms.They seem to be sold out everywhere at the moment and I wanted to see if anyone here has a set for sale. Located in US. Anyone? Cheers, FFH
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    I know a lot of us like customize but for anyone looking for some OEM parts including a luggage rack: Ducati Scrambler luggage rack | eBay Ducati Scrambler OEM Front Turn Signals Indicators | eBay OEM Ducati Scrambler Tire Hugger Rear Fender License Plate Holder | eBay DUCATI SCRAMBLER OEM...
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    Take a look: SADDLEBAG PLATFORM DUCATI SCRAMBLER DUO These would have been perfect for my summer trip around Europe. Definitely going to look at getting them ready for next years adventures. I'm a bit of a Kriega fanboy, their stuff is amazing. I really like how easy the platforms are to...
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    Hey everyone! I'm Rogue…just found your site 20 minutes ago. I'm living in the high desert in Southern California..was on a recent trip to San Francisco Bay area…saw my first Scrambler….never knew they existed…bought a Scrambler Enduro on December 10th. I took it off road today! WOW!…what...
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    I think this is the best luggage (saddlebags and top bag) I've seen for classics and modern classics. Just my opinion of course. On sale from Spring 2016.