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  1. Would this be a cheap but effective alternative to paddock stand?

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    Here's my idea: Insert some kind of metal rod into both of the two rear frame holes (the ones people are always installing plug kits for). Me and a buddy would use the rods to lift the bike onto standard standard jack stands. Would this work without damaging the bike? If not, why? Thanks CW
  2. Need help with new timing belt install, please!!!

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    I live way too far from the nearest Ducati service center, so have to change them myself, on my 2015 Icon. I've heard it's an easy job, but really don't want to screw it up given the how serious a failed timing belt can be to my engine / my very life. To be clear, I'm a real rookie when it comes...
  3. Maintenance Cost for a Ducati Scrambler

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    Hello everyone, I was planning on buying a Ducati Scrambler, I already did my research on the bike, although I still can't seem to decide whether to get the Yamaha XSR900 or the Street Twin. I know that Ducati as a brand has become more reliable throughout the years. I was all set in getting...