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  1. Dash not showing ECU software version

    Ducati Scrambler: 1100
    Is the 1100 supposed to show the software version after turning the key On? The manual says it should, but mine doesn't. Just curious if this was a misprint in the manual and if anyone's dash shows the software version. It's on page 44 of the hard printed US manual and page 36 of the UK pdf...
  2. Tubed Tyres

    Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    I am about to take delivery of a new but last year's model Desert Sled. I pick it up in Madrid which is not ideal! To try and get ready I downloaded the pdf from this site and once I waded through the maze of warning notices and all the thousands of ways that you can be denied warranty cover I...
  3. Urban Endure Dry bags installation manual

    Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    Does anybody has the installation manual, mine came with out it, I need it. Thanks