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  1. Vintage Scrambler
    Hi my name is Al. I have a 1969 Ducati scrambler 350, I’m 69 yrs old and don’t ride it anymore due to health issues. I’m not sure to sell it whole or part it out. I’m new to this forum Thx for your feedback Al
  2. North Eastern Scrambler Owners
    We'd like to invite you to join Gotham, NYC's first official Desmo Owners' Club officially sponsored by the Ducati factory. Please check us out on Ducati's website: Ducati Gotham or on Gotham Ducati | New York City Desmo Owners Club | GothamDOC
  3. Scrambler Builds
    Hey all! I'm fairly new to the forums. I come mostly from the "Harley" Scene with my last bike being a 48. I recently traded that in for a Scrambler probably a little over a month ago. 2-3 months prior to the trade in, I had been very interested in the scramblers as the body style started to...
1-3 of 3 Results