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  1. 'Total Control' author, Lee Parks borrows my Ducati Scrambler for a couple of demos...

    Scrambler Talk
    During an 'Advanced Rider Control' clinic I attended last weekend, instructor and author Lee Parks demonstrated techniques on different bikes. First time he ever rode a Ducati Scrambler. He said he really liked it. In fact, he used my bike the most for demos and the other even students...
  2. My '15 FT "Scrammie"

    Ducati Scrambler: Full Throttle
    May 2016: Bought the bike new. Only mods at the time were Evotech crash and paddock bobbins. Shortly after at first service, removed evap cannister. April 2017: Anxious for Spring, got bored and did some retail therapy. Added: Termignoni Race Slip-on, Ohlin's DU505 rear shock...
  3. Camo Urban Enduro

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    OEM camo side tank panels go well with the the Urban Enduro paint scheme, and gives it a unique look. :)