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  1. Scrambler Talk
    I have about 500 miles on my 2018 scrambler 1100. Its normal for the red oil light to come on before the bike is started, correct? Has not come on while I am riding. I am due for my first service next week/when I hit 600 miles. Thought I would ask all of you first.
  2. Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    Hello everyone, Glad to have found this active community with lots of interesting discussions. I create this post since I am having an issue with my clutch. Since a few days, it has been almost impossible for me to find neutral when when stopped at trafic lights. The foot lever is way too...
  3. Scrambler Talk
    Hi all - So I have my first service for '19 Full Throttle scheduled about two weeks away from now. When I was talking with the Ducati dealer service technician, he said its completely fine to go up to 1000 miles on the initial oil and he actually prefers it versus the standard 600 mile first...
  4. Scrambler Talk
    A little background: I've posted a few previous question here about the oil consumption issue I've been having, which has (very likely) resulted in the fouling of the vertical spark plug, and most likely contributed to the early demise of my clutch plates. But no, there are no oil leaks, so it's...
  5. Scrambler Talk
    Hello, I'm experiencing very high oil consumption, that I understand is way out of wack from what most scrambler owners experience. I bought my 2015 Icon last spring, and found that my oil level drops pretty drastically, with no leaks , and no soot around the mufflers to suggest it's being...
1-5 of 5 Results