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  1. Foot peg swap: I have a set of SW-Motech pegs in great condition and want EU pegs. Straight up swap.

    Scrambler Talk
    Hope this kind of post is allowed here. If not, please take it down. But I have a great set of the SW-Motech pegs in great shape. They are ideal for the rider who does a lot of off road, or someone not too aggressive when they corner, and would enjoy the comfort of a bigger peg with grippy...
  2. Looking to buy stock pegs

    Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just like the title says. Anyone have a set of stock pegs they'd sell me? Looking to start a manufacturing run on some pegs, and i'd like to make sure i get it right!
  3. After market foot levers.

    Scrambler Builds
    Just installed some after market foot levers for both brake and gear change. gear side was easy and I am no mechanic. brake side was a whole different storey. getting the OEM lever off was Ok, however the cylindrical part of the OEM lever was 1.5 mm longer than the aftermarket part. this...