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  1. 2018 Desert Sled - Breaking Necks All Over Ontario

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Hello everyone! . Several years have passed since I've moved back to Toronto from Victoria, BC where I rode through the glorious Canadian Rockies and winding coastal highways on my beloved 1982 Honda CB750. Unfortunately it didn't make economical sense to drag the bike nearly 5000KM back to...
  2. Ducati Scrambler Classic 2016

    Scrambler For Sale / Wanted
    Scrambler Classic (2016) in excellent condition! $7800.00. Not riding enough to justify keeping. Extras: • Tail tidy (original rear fender and lights included) • Pipe wrap • Evotech headlight guard • Evotech Crash Protection Bobbins • Evotech Engine Guard Protector • Evotech Oil Cooler Guard •...
  3. Headlights always running??

    Scrambler Talk
    So I have my scrambler cafe racer and I noticed that the headlights are always running so the DRL don't even show off. I was wondering if there's any way of turning the headlights off and I haven't find it or if that is the way it is. I really haven't find anything about this in the forums so...