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  1. Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    Hey everyone. New scrambler owner here and have run into a gas leak issue over the past month or so. Seems like the tank has been under pressure after a short ride once it's heated up. I've been having to open the gas cap after a ride just to relieve the pressure and even then I've noticed a...
  2. Scrambler For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Scrambler Nightshift. Love this bike, I was hoping to hang on to it pretty much forever but unfortunately I need the money. Lightly used with only 1700 miles on it. Not a scratch on it. Bought new from dealership, have all service records. Let me know if you're interested and I can...
  3. Scrambler Talk
    Hi all, Long time browser, first time poster! I've been looking at a Scrambler for quite some time now and, after chatting with my insurance broker, ready to finally pull the trigger and buy a Scrambler. I'm currently debating between two Scrambler models - the 2017 Cafe Racer or the 2022...
1-3 of 3 Results