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  1. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Mugello Full Seat for sale. Diamond Black Stitching pattern. Brand New - Never Used - Just taken out of bubble wrap for photo and to test it mounts well on my Scrambler, which it does so perfectly. Reason for sale is I purchased two seats, only decided to keep one. Located in Melbourne...
  2. Scrambler News
    Finally got my Mugello Slim Seat on the Icon. Went with the red threading but it turned out fairly close to pink (so heads up if you're considering it). Easy install. Overall it looks great, rode for about 90 minutes without much discomfort. Ride safe everyone ✌ -A
  3. Scrambler Talk
    As mentioned in a bunch of other threads, the oem seat is torture on the coccyx. I recently ordered a very nice look Mugello Original Slim seat, however it turns out they have an order time of over 4 months. Seeing as this would be the entire riding season gone for 2021 does anyone have any...
  4. Ducati Scrambler: Caferacer
    Hi All, I took off my seat cover earlier this summer since I liked the look without the cover, but I somehow lost the two bolts that hold it in place normally. Any idea what size those bolts are so I can get new ones? (also yes Im a FT owner, just posted in Cafe Racer because its more active)
  5. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hello all, I am looking for a Scrambler Classic seat. If anyone has one they are interested in selling leave a comment or PM me. Thank you
  6. Scrambler Talk
    Hi guys, I’ve just joined here as I’ve recently bought a 2015 scrambler classic which I plan to modify over the next few months. I’ve just bought a brand new full throttle seat, cowl and associated parts to fit to my bike but from the parts drawing I cannot work out where the foam pads go on...
  7. Ducati Scrambler: Caferacer
    Hey all, I have a MY18 Cafe Racer and looking to buy a seat to use for longer rides and when taking the missus on the back. Any recommendations for a good and more comfortable replacement? I've also considered buying a stock ducati twin seat (there's one for $50 in my area) and getting...
  8. Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    Hello! Just looking for some advice on how to further lower my Ducati. I've already gotten a thinner seat, adjusted the suspension and lowered the forks slightly. All of this has helped but I'm still looking for ideas on how to further lower it. Kits? Any advice welcome. Thanks!
  9. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy the brown cafe racer single seat that comes stock on the cafe racer 2018 and earlier. update: wound up buying one from dealer - thanks
  10. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Excellent condition. Reason for selling: The stock seat killed me on rides more than 20 minutes. This seat made a world of difference, but it lowers the stock seat height about 3/4 of an inch. I’m fairly tall (6’1) and want the height back as I picked up an additional bike that’s better suited...
  11. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and wondering if anyone can help me. I'm the owner of a 2015 Full Throttle and just started customising it. I came across a customised Scrambler in front of the Rising Sun workshop in Newtown Sydney and loved the seat on this bike. Does anyone know the brand &...
  12. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    Hello fellows, Just discovered that Zard released new seats for Scrambler! Check it out: SCRAMBLER DUCATI SEATS IMO a bit pricey, but the design is awesome. They present all of the seats in their demo motorcycle, which has a few cool parts installed. Just look at this like really nice exhaust...
  13. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Received my Sargent after ordering Black Friday. Very happy! Looks great (I was a little worried I might miss the brown seat color) and is super comfortable. Some pictures... Before Sargent Seat by ejswearingen, on Flickr It sits quite a bit lower than the stock seat, so a new storage tray...
  14. Scrambler Talk
    This is the bike of a member here by the name of valcronenbold. It's a really cool look and I'd like some help regarding what seat and front mudguard he has on. He hasn't been on the site since 02/16, so I'm not sure I will hear from him but I hope he'll answer me. Can anyone identify the seat...
  15. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    I have been looking at ways to update the rear end of my Scrambler with a single seat Cafe style tail section. Here is what I have found so far: Hotbodies: $199 (+ Seat cost) Scrambler 2015-16 Bodywork - Hotbodiesracing.com Skunk Machine: $ TBD ( Expected Early 2017) HOME Mugello Cafe...
  16. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Classic seat. In good shape recently conditioned and ready to go. Had a little bit of wear toward the rear bottom seam but has been repaired. Selling because I bought the low version. Looking to get $150 USD. Buyer covers shipping to their address and will split paypal fees. Cash...
  17. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    I just got my comfort seat for my FT and thought I would post some pictures. I would say it's more comfortable than the stock FT but not a huge amount, I will put a few more miles on it before I draw a full conclusion though. I like the look of it though, better than expected. Let me know what...
  18. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Full Throttle seat, like new only rode on it for 1000 miles. $250, located in Santa Monica, CA. Pick up preferable. PM me if interested
  19. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I have a stock seat used for 20 miles before I installed the lower seat. Perfect condition and already boxed up and ready to go. $150 plus shipping.
1-20 of 21 Results