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  1. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    my scrambler doesn't turn on after a being crash, no major damage! i just the replace the headlight bracket! anyone got a tip? ecu reprogram?
  2. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Hello everyone: First post here, and new Ducati rider. A quick intro, I am an architect and designer by profession and love to modify and enhance cars and motorcycles. However, as a new rider, I can't jump on an 803 Icon/Cafe Racer/NightShift just yet. ( insurance and lack of experience ) What I...
  3. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    took a spill on a muddy trail and I'd like to replace with OEM
  4. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    The silver/metal on the engine cover and the ducati writing on my engine have faded (bike was brought like this) just wondering if anyone has any tips on bringing it back to life etc! thanks in advanced! :)
  5. Scrambler Talk
    A local dealer has a Sixty2 for sale at 6k usd with 13,400 miles. I've been looking for a sixty2 mainly for insurance rates and fairly new rider. I used the desmo servicing coming up at 15k and they agreed to come down to $4800. When I asked if they have proof of other maintenance they said they...
  6. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    I am looking from some new tires for my Scrambler Sixty2 and I also like to try some other company tires as well. I see a lot options on 170 more then 160, so is it ok if I change it to 170 instead of 160 for rear.
  7. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    I really Like the style of side panel on Icon and I want to try to put it on my sixty2, does anyone have ever saw this on Sixty2 or have any idea how to do it. What I can think of now is to use magnet, I have already ordered these side panels though, so lets so see.
  8. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    Hey guys, I just bought a Zard Conical for my 2016 Sixty2. I've been reading online that removing the cat and installing a slip on can make the Scrambler run lean though so needs an ECU re-map. Just wondering if anyone has been running with a slip on for a while and can let me know about...
  9. Scrambler Talk
    Hello everyone, I just got my Sixty2 for a few weeks, so I did a few research on aftermarket exhaust and got interested to swap the stock pipe for Akrapovic Slip-on [On the official website I think they made for the 800 models only] Not sure they are fully compatible with my Sixty2. Would...
  10. Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    Hello everyone, Glad to have found this active community with lots of interesting discussions. I create this post since I am having an issue with my clutch. Since a few days, it has been almost impossible for me to find neutral when when stopped at trafic lights. The foot lever is way too...
  11. Scrambler For Sale / Wanted
    ForSale : Scrambler Sixty2 Ducati Located in Los Angeles, CA for pick up TITLE IN HAND Get this bike for the price of a factory stock Asking price $9500 Or Best Offer Tastefully modded, original owner with 3xx miles on the bike. Jenn had us gather and assemble the bike with choice parts...
  12. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    Hi fellow Scramblers, Has any one got any experience with different bars? I find the stock high riser bars a bit too high and fancied something a bit lower. Ive seen Ducati do sell a OEM lower version bar for a small fortune. Does anyone have any experience of the Renthal 7/8" aftermarket bar...
  13. Scrambler Talk
    Hi guys, new here. Looking for feedback from some experienced scrambler riders.... After completing the basic MSF course, I might have made an impulse purchase on my first bike. There was a sale going on for left over 2018 icon's that put them around the same price point as a sixy 2. I went...
  14. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    Hi everyone, I'm getting the new Ducati Scrambler HashTag. Apparently it's the same bike as the Sixty2, just different colour scheme. Anyone knows the torque specs for the oil drain nut and oil filter? Planning to DIY the oil change. And if anyone also knows where I can purchase the service...
  15. Ducati Scrambler UK
    I got this seat with the Scrambler Icon I bought a couple of months ago. It's been on the bike but is in like new condition. The OEM part number is 96880171A It certainly fits my 1015 Icon, but checking online I think it also fits Full Throttle, Urban Enduro, Classic, Flat Track Pro, & Sixty2...
  16. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    Hey guys, I am looking at fitting the Rizoma Drag Bar (MA015) to my Sixty2 and would like to know if the bar is compatible on this particular model? Provided I fit the matching riser kit for the bar (AZ203), I guess it is more of a matter if the riser itself will fit on my bike? Would just like...
  17. Ducati Scrambler: Sixty2
    There isn't a lot of attention around the Sixty2 so I just wanted to share some mods and images of mine. It's not the fastest bike in town but it's more than enough fun for me. Dart Flyscreen Low Handlebar Rizoma Class Retro Mirrors CRG RC2 Levers EvoTech Tail Tidy Remus Hypercone Exhaust For...
  18. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    Got myself the X headlight grill. Had to buy the stamped steel headlight rim too as the OEM rim for Sixty2 is plastic and can't accommodate the grill. First picture shows when I first fit them. I was unhappy with the natural steel colour, so sprayed it over the weekend. First time I've done...
  19. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    FT bars fitted and tank protector. Next on the list is front fork gaiters and mirrors.
  20. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Tail tidy and engine guard both from Evotech and fitted in my garage. Next is the black lower angled handlebars and different mirrors, although not sure which to go with yet.
1-20 of 22 Results