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  1. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just bought a 2015 icon with a Zard high mount special edition slip on already installed. But I am too short to ride with this exhaust comfortably. So I had to switch back to stock exhaust. Because of this I am selling the exhaust. $650 +shipping (sells for $1200-$1300 new) I'll post it here...
  2. Scrambler Talk
    Exhaust Muffler Slip On for Ducati Scrambler 803 2015-2018 This slip-on is on sale for $155usd, which almost sounds too good to be true. Has anybody tried one yet? I don't expect it to have the quality of the leading manufacturers, but for that price...
  3. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    helping a friend selling his used terminogni exhuast off his scrambler, he sold his bike and cleanning out his parts. removed appox. 5200 miles... the exhuast in good working condition no dents but has some minor scratches on silver covers, come with and mounting hardware.(might have few screws...
  4. Scrambler Talk
    I've been looking around for an exhaust to replace my current one with. I have 15 Icon, with a FT Termi. I'm looking for something more throaty, a little louder, lighter and better looking. Would love it if it added any kind of performance improvement too, but really don't expect much, if any...
  5. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I bought this Competition Werkes Stainless Slip-on exhaust with removable silencer installed new in July for my '15 Scrambler Classic. It's in perfect condition. Includes all original packaging, paperwork and receipt as well. I'm in Oregon, USA. $540 new, best offer.
  6. Scrambler Gear & Accessories
    I got a Shark DSX-10 slip-on exhaust for my Scrambler and installed it today. Quality seems good and it fit really well. Pretty easy installation. And the sound! I remember I thought the Scrambler sounded pretty good when I first got it (compared to the Kawasaki ER-6n I had at the time) but...
1-6 of 6 Results