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  1. Scrambler Performance
    I played with adjusting preload on the front from no preload (turning all the way counter-clockwise) to full preload (all the way clock-wise) and I didn't notice much of a difference in the length of the fork (measuring from the top to the center of the wheel axle). Roughly around a centimeter...
  2. Scrambler Performance
    Hey, can anyone give me some insight on the rear suspension. I was wondering if there is a recommended weight range for each notch on the rear preload adjuster. I'm a shade under 200lbs and the bike seems like it's riding quite low in the rear when i'm sitting on it and I don't want to make...
  3. Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    Hi everyone, I would like to change the suspension and whatever else is needed on my scrambler enduro to make it a dessert sled. Anyone here who have done this before? Or anyone who know exactly what I need to do this? Appreciate your help. Felipe
  4. Ducati Scrambler: Desert Sled
    My Sled is now due its first service. I listened to the advice not to adjust the suspension 'til it had run in a bit but now is the time to start tinkering. I have read the thread on settings here and thanks to the folks who posted but the questions I have are very basic: 1) I have tried and...
  5. Scrambler How-To's and Guides
    Hello! Just looking for some advice on how to further lower my Ducati. I've already gotten a thinner seat, adjusted the suspension and lowered the forks slightly. All of this has helped but I'm still looking for ideas on how to further lower it. Kits? Any advice welcome. Thanks!
  6. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just install my ohlins. I need to get rid of the stock one. Has 7500miles on it. In good shape. Comes with a washer. Say......... umm... $60. Here's the pics:
  7. Ducati Scrambler: Icon
    Hi All, Got my Scrambler about a month ago after a 12 year break from motorcycling. I love the Scrambler but do find the ride hard/uncomfortable. I weight 10.5 stone and have let the tires down a bit, tried each of the preload settings for the rear but no joy. I have started to discuss...
1-7 of 7 Results