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teal monster

  1. First ride on my scrambler

    Scrambler Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    I put together a video of the first day I got my Ducati Scrambler Icon. I thought that the experience on the scrambler was so different from when I ride my Suzuki Boulevard s40. I also broke my mirror on the first day. The Ducati Scrambler Icon is light and nimble. It is very easy to move...
  2. My Ducati Dame, Diana

    Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    Hello World, I wanted to share the intro video I made for my Ducati Scrambler Icon. Thanks, Everyone!
  3. Teal Monster on a Red Scrambler

    Community Help
    Hello World! I've had the opportunity to finally get on a Ducati Scrambler Icon. I first got interested in the Scrambler when Ducati relaunched them in 2015. I'm super excited to be able to learn to ride one. Also, I make motovlogs and I made my first video of my scrambler, Diana. Hope...