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  1. Hello, shout out everybody from the Philippines

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    Had my Full Throttle Ducati the year 2015 and accidentally found this site, while wandering for a motorcycle tour abroad. Will it be neat if there is a Ducati touring in every country? I'll put it on my next thread.
  2. Has anyone ordered the new Kriega saddlebag mounts yet?

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    Take a look: SADDLEBAG PLATFORM DUCATI SCRAMBLER DUO These would have been perfect for my summer trip around Europe. Definitely going to look at getting them ready for next years adventures. I'm a bit of a Kriega fanboy, their stuff is amazing. I really like how easy the platforms are to...
  3. Geek Riders RC - May 2016

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    Another trip around Costa Rica. This time we went north to San Carlos (near Arenal Volcano), and returned through Sarapiquí and arrived to Waterfall La Paz in Vara Blanca Poás (a zone affected by a really strong earthquake few years ago, you can see we still have a temporary bridge near the...