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  1. Remap on a 2020 scrambler cafe racer

    Scrambler Performance
    Does anyone know if the power commander v for the 2019 model scrambler cafe racer would work with the 2020 ecu? Dynojet said they haven't programmed it for the 2020 model but I didn't know if the ecu's were identical so that it would still work. I'm stuck in lean purgatory until I can find a way...
  2. Any way to tune a 2020 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer??

    Scrambler Talk
    I spoke to dynojet on the phone a couple days ago and they informed me the power commander v has not yet been programmed for the 2020 scrambler due to covid. I reallyyyyy want to put an exhaust, modify the airbox plus add a k&n filter for that extra power but I know I'll need to remap my fuel...
  3. POWER

    Scrambler Talk
    Goodmorning. Those of you who are convinced that Ducati can do no wrong please ignore this. I have a 2018 Desert Sled which I bought new in the crate less than a year ago. I have been very pissed off with several quality issues ans Ducati's pathetic response to them. I really also do not like...
  4. Detuning an Icon

    Scrambler Talk
    Hi guys, new here. Looking for feedback from some experienced scrambler riders.... After completing the basic MSF course, I might have made an impulse purchase on my first bike. There was a sale going on for left over 2018 icon's that put them around the same price point as a sixy 2. I went...
  5. Rexxer Quiestion

    Scrambler Performance
    For anyone out there who has done ECU tunes with Rexxer: This is actually my first bike with fuel injection so I have a couple dopey questions regarding the uploading of new maps. When you upload a new map from Rexxer to replace the stock one... do you lose any of the factory functionality...