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turn signals

  1. Replacing OEM Turn Signals with Shin-Yo LED Signals Off of Amazon

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    I recently installed some new turn signals - I've been meaning to replace the stock ones for a while now but never found the time. I was recommended these by a friend and I really like the look of them on the bike. Small enough to not be as noticeable but bright enough to get the point across...
  2. Select button doesn't respond

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    My icon 2015 had a issue about the select button it won't work, but the others button working fine anyone ever had this issue like me? and what i can do? Thank you
  3. Ducati Performance LED turn signals for sale

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    Selling like new Ducati Performance LED turn signals. $50 including shipping in the States. This forum is a pain to upload pictures onto, it's these lights in perfect condition. Ducati LED Turn Signals: 966802X1A