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  1. Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    Hey everyone. New scrambler owner here and have run into a gas leak issue over the past month or so. Seems like the tank has been under pressure after a short ride once it's heated up. I've been having to open the gas cap after a ride just to relieve the pressure and even then I've noticed a...
  2. Scrambler Talk
    I have a 2015 Urban Enduro — I've removed the off road high front fender and want to change it out for a metal lower front fender, like on the full throttle or classic. Do y'all know if any of the newer models front fenders can work with my scrambler? Also, are there any additional models I...
  3. Ducati Scrambler: Urban Enduro
    Howdy! About to pick up a 2015 UE w/ 5900 miles on it. Very excited! Seems to fairly well maintained. Two questions for the owners out there. Is it true that there is no true gas gauge on the bike...or rather, by the time the actual gas light comes on, your basically already empty and in...
  4. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    $100+shipping to the lower 48 US. Came off an Urban Enduro with 5,500 miles. No issues, functioning fine when removed. Located in SE Michigan for local pickup.
  5. Ducati Scrambler UK
    I got this seat with the Scrambler Icon I bought a couple of months ago. It's been on the bike but is in like new condition. The OEM part number is 96880171A It certainly fits my 1015 Icon, but checking online I think it also fits Full Throttle, Urban Enduro, Classic, Flat Track Pro, & Sixty2...
  6. Scrambler Talk
    I know a lot of us like customize but for anyone looking for some OEM parts including a luggage rack: Ducati Scrambler luggage rack | eBay Ducati Scrambler OEM Front Turn Signals Indicators | eBay OEM Ducati Scrambler Tire Hugger Rear Fender License Plate Holder | eBay DUCATI SCRAMBLER OEM...
  7. Scrambler Common Problems/Issues
    I've got a 2016 Urban Enduro. Just hit 5,100 miles. It has been slowly gathering more and more oil around the lines below the belt cover for some time, mostly it was just a fil of oil and took about 500 miles to build up, but on a recent trip it got bad enough to mist on my foot on the highway...
  8. Scrambler For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, for sale is my and joy, I'm selling due to moving where the roads and weather aren't near as much fun as SoCal. I really hate to sell it because I truly love this bike, but I think it has to go. My loss is your gain, I have over $15k invested. Everything has been done by an ASE Master...
  9. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    I decided to give it a try to a trail near home, that during raining season is usually only accessible to mountain bikes and 4x4, and this video is the result of my adventure. All I can conclude is that I need different tires (still with the stock ones).
  10. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    We couldn't ride during March, so we decided to make a longer trip this month, near 226 miles of street and country road. The Scrambler was up to the challenge! :D
  11. Scrambler Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my stock Urban Enduro handlebars. I swapped them out almost immediately; they're too wide for my short arms. The handlebars include the original grips with throttle tube and bar ends. Asking $100 shipped. I'm currently located in NYC, but will be relocating to Boulder, CO mid April...
  12. Ducati Scrambler: Urban Enduro
    Anybody have any tips on customizing the side panels? I wanna do either a brown leather with the 80s Ducati logo or a woodgrain pattern. Is there a vendor that does such work that anyone would recommend?
  13. Scrambler Pictures/Videos
    OEM camo side tank panels go well with the the Urban Enduro paint scheme, and gives it a unique look. :)
  14. Scrambler Performance
    Hi all, I have a new Urban Enduro, and I'm looking to upgrade my exhaust. I'm set on Termignoni, but am having a hard time finding the differences in performance between the low mounted race line and high mounted exhausts. Anyone got any sort of info on this, or have experience a/b-ing the two...
  15. Scrambler Talk
    I wanted a simple, minimal, and inexpensive plate relocator / fender eliminator for my UE, so I talked to my friend about designing one for me. Now he has them for sale on Ebay and they are more minimal and way less expensive than the other ones on there. Here is my bike on a cold misty ride...
1-15 of 18 Results