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I picked up my '16 Icon a week ago today, and I just rolled 200 miles with it on a quick ride today. Normally it would have been more in a week with a new bike, but it rained almost every day this week, and well, I just didn't want to get my brand new scrambler all dirty.. At some point that'll happen, because I believe in using my bikes, but I want to get it all treated with ACF-50 first.

This rev-limit during the break-in period is killing me, too. I can't wait to be able to wind the engine all the way out.

A quick shot or two from another "fun ride" I did on Wednesday night:

I fueled the bike, but I needed fuel, so it was BBQ time:

Morning Vehicle

Then I hit some of my favorite local back roads, including one that runs through a state park with a recreated 18th century village. There's an old stone barn there under reconstruction that's kind of a cool building, so I stopped to have a look at their progress:

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

Then it was across the rebuilt covered bridge down the street and home for the night.

The Scrambler is the absolute perfect bike for me. Fast, fun, flickable.... fantastic.
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