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1200 Scrambler testing???

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My local ducati dealer just posted this article on their facebook page. I know there have been rumors swirling for some time now, does this help to solidify them?
Ducati may be Working on a Bigger Scrambler
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That picture doesn't look like anything different. I don't see a 4v head on the front cylinder, or a radiator that would be required for a 1200 to meet euro 4 emissions. The photo is also photoshoped very poorly, which makes me think that the whole article is just click bait for that website.
Looks like the spy shots of the original scrambler from last year to me. .
I doubt a larger displacement air-cooled (Euro 4 compliant?) engine is going to rev as quick as the 803 so it would be a step in the wrong direction imo.

Ducati found a sweet spot with the Scrambler in mating an engine with amazing powerband with perfect gearing for playfully aggressive b-road riding. It's a proper hooligan/muscle bike without having to resort to triple digit HP claims and pseudo-macho baggage that clings to such.
You can ride it all day between 4-6k RPM and negotiate 99% of traffic commuter demands and people will think "oh, what a nice quiet Sportster you have" or you can ride it from 6-9k with opened airbox and fruity pipe and have people cursing what a menace such activity poses to civil civic-minded conceptual continuity.

If KTM takes the 57HP 300cc 2-Stroke and puts it in a Duke 390 package (weighing 300 lb wet) I will be there, cash in hand
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