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1969 Ducati 350 Scrambler - Barn Find

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1969 Ducati 350 Scrambler
Actual Barn Find by Frank Fritz from American Pickers, Mechanically Freshened, Beautiful Patina

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This 1969 Ducati 350 Scrambler is an original paint bike with beautiful patina that has been gone through mechanically and runs and rides very well. The bike was found several years ago in a barn in Iowa by Frank Fritz from American Pickers. From what we were told, it had been sitting in that barn for around thirty years (the bike came with an Iowa plate from 1981.) We were told that it was still in the care of its original owner at that time, and that the paint was original. Frank sold the bike to a guy in South Carolina, who I bought it from. The previous owner got the bike and underwent an extensive mechanical freshening, while retaining as much of the bike’s originality as possible. It was taken down to the frame, the frame was painted, all components were checked and rebuilt if needed and then the bike was put back together. The bike runs and rides great and is a pleasure to own and use. The original paint gets a lot of attention. The bike comes with a few extra parts as well as a printout of the full workshop manual. Please see the photos below for the restoration process. This spring, the bike was invited to the first annual Brooklyn Bowl motorcycle show and featured there along with my 69 Norton Commando. It my favorite patina of any bike I've ever seen. Such a fun bike to ride, it has been the most fun motorcycle I've ever owned. Very sorry to see it leave, but I have to make some cash available for a few new projects. Great way to get into a Bevel for not a lot of money. I've had a vintage Ducati guy look at the seat and he believe it is original as well.

Here’s a list of the work that was completed (receipts included)
  • rebuilt forks
  • new tires
  • new chain
  • new clutch cable, brake cables, and throttle cable
  • new header and muffler
  • new air filter
  • engine seal kit
  • new foot peg rubbers and velocity stacks
  • new gas tank bushings
  • carb rebuilt
  • new exhaust gasket and horn
  • new fork gaters
  • new battery strap
  • new petcocks
  • new points and condenser and new coil
  • new spark plug wire

For more information, check out the auction on Ebay:
Ducati Other eBay
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That looks really nice dascrow, :) I sometimes watch American Pickers here in the UK, They have some amazing finds, they dropped on a couple of pre war Harleys a few months ago in similar condition,

You should get a very good price, they have become very popular all of a sudden, ;)
I'm not in the market for a new bike in any way, but there is a part of me that is working overtime, trying to convince myself not to bid...
2 days to go and it's up to $5600. What do you think it will end up going for?
Here's a better question, what would you pay for it?
Here's a better question, what would you pay for it?
I can't show my hand just yet :)
I can't show my hand just yet :)
lol smart man. Ya I think $9-10K.....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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