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1st day 'its cold outside' pics

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Interesting to compare the sizes, side by side, between Monster, Speed Triple, and Scrambler, all small bikes, all bikes that are or have been in my garage. Thanks for the pictures! But brrrrr.
It was at least sunny down here if not a bit windy. I had a good fun day too.
Just came in from working in the yard and playing with the dog with the hose. All the fruit trees are in bloom.

This last month, month and a half is going to be a long wait.
ahh, sunshine!
I have to say that at 5.30 the heavens came down. Glad I never got caught out in it.
Your mates are looking gey cauld and windswept at Tower Centre on Keilder. I'll bet they're thinking "New bloody bike and that bugger has to tak a photo o' it" :D
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Albie yours definitely looks much warmer! Good work guys. I am drooling over here!
Great pictures guys, thanks for posting them, it does look cold out there, blowing a hoolie here today :(
I like the yellow and the red now!!!
Cheers guys thanks for sharing
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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