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My FT customization is nearing completion. When done, I'll have the following bits available for sale (or trade, if you have anything I need):

  • Full Throttle seat
  • Right and left OEM mirrors
  • Full set of OEM turn signals
  • OEM headlamp assembly
  • Front fender (just the plastic part, no bolts/nuts or brackets
  • Full Throttle handlebars (just the handlebars, no clamps or instrument mount)
  • Rear axle sliders/support spools
  • rear paddock stand, collapsible

All of these bits are practically new, they've only been used for about 350 miles (or a couple of times in the garage in the case of the paddock stand and sliders). Make a reasonable offer. I will add shipping charges, typically USPS Priority if you want to estimate.

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