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When I saw my bike I absolutely loved the look but was never happy with the rear, the classic fender/mudguard is too long and the number plate hangs out way too far. Doesn't fit the lines of the bike IMHO and I preferred the short fender/mudguard and plate mounted over the rear wheel.

I live in the city so it's a city bike with the occasional country road squirt, doubt it'll ever see anything but tarmac.

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The hardest part of this modification is the number plate light wiring as re-routing it from the tail to the arm requires you to remove pretty much all of the rear section body panels and hunt for the wires. I checked that the part numbers were the same before attempting this to be sure I didn't run into trouble.

I managed to pick up the plate mount with the arm on eBay, complete with all fittings but bought the fender/mudguard new from Ducati. It comes as a complete kit with the correct undertray section and fixings included.

The part is 97180751A "Ducati Rear Mudguard Cafe Racer - Glitter Ice" and fits in extremely well with the aluminium parts. It comes as a complete kit with the correct undertray and required fixings. Instructions are also provided.

The only part I hadn't realised I needed is the "holder" (8291F691AA) shown at "17" in the picture below; which attaches to the swingarm (with 77151278B) and further secures the number plate mounting arm.

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Without this part, the number plate mounting arm is secure so I'm not too worried about riding without fitting it but I have ordered this part from Ducati. It's expensive but at least the job's then been done correctly.

Because of re-routing the number plate light, the job took about 3 hours and was a real PITA but overall I'm really happy with the look of the bike now, it looks shorter and more purposeful somehow. I'm happy I did this modification.

I wasn't immediately happy with the soft panniers and planned to remove them but now I totally love them.

I've also replaced the number plate with a small, square, pressed metal plate (6.5" x 6.5") that's almost the same width as the rear tyre. I will have to trim down the plate mount as it's bigger than the plate but afterwards, it'll look excellent and I always use double-sided tape or velcro as I hate plate screws.

In the end; I think it cost around £300 to do this modification.

What do you think?

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