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Hi, I have a big issue with 2018 Ducati Scrambler - I need to replace the ignition lock/mechanism, but I don't have any of the existing keys. I was told conflicting information so I would like to ask the community for the shared wisdom

1) Can a dealer cut the same key based on a VIN number and proof of ownership?
2) Since I need to replace the ignition mechanism, do I need to replace the other 2 locks (tank and seat lock) or can they order ignition keyed based on the previous one from VIN?
3) If all 3 new locks are needed, do I need to reprogram the ECU/immobilizer - if yes, is that a service that any dealer can provide?

I have received answers like "you need to replace the whole ECU" and "dealers don't do this, you need specialized shops" with no pointing
to a clear direction

Thank you


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