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I've been very happy with the Rexxer map with MWR PowerUp Kit and Scorpion exhaust on a 2015 Scrambler for almost two years. Map was installed by the local Rexxer agent (Liam - Fast Bike Gear) who posted about challenges with a DS update just a few days ago

I'm sure Liam would be happy to discuss the issues they resolved - can be contacted through FastBikeGear.co.nz

Good luck!
Amazing progress guys!! Bike fired up cold start this morning, got a new map file from Rexxer. Rexxer US sent over a total of 3 maps and turns out the first two of were being corrupted when the map was compiled - 3rd time's a charm!

@NevM I want to thank you again for introducing me to Liam. It was incredible how quickly he responded to me, and even jump on a live call w/ me so late at night his time in NZ. Amazing dude, and amazing shop for sure. I hope to visit NZ in the near future (post COVID world?) and drinks on me! He gave me some incredible insights, including the fact that the Sleds use a totally different map, and that the 2019+ require the O2 sensors to be plugged in - the circuit is looking for resistance. This is contrary to all the other bikes, including the rest of the Scrambler family where the O2s should be unplugged.

That being said, that only resolved my CEL issue so there's two big things here for anyone looking to get a tune for their '19+ DS.

The Rexxer map itself feels incredible, I finished up a 75 mi run this morning to enjoy the NorCal roads while there was no traffic out. Not only did the bike fire up cleanly on cold start, I didn't experience any hesitations or issues - did a bunch of hard roll on/offs in all gears. Love the meaty 4-6k range and throttle response that it has brought to the bike.

As for the corruption, that's an odd problem for sure. Hopefully the feedback makes it to Rexxer/Alientech. Lucky David at Rexxer US is dedicated and was responsive - I was in touch with him almost everyday for the past two weeks, sometimes multiple times a day. While things could have been much better, we ultimately got the situation sorted.

I'll continue to monitor and will post a TLDR in my first post once I feel confident we have no further issues.

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that鈥檚 good news! Nice to have them stand by their products and offer support. Nothing worse then a bike that you can鈥檛 ride and being finicky.

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great feedback right here! thanks for the share.
Is it only the DS麓s that have this issue with the map or is it all 2019+ Scramblers?
Asking this because I have a 19 FT with a Leo Vince exhaust and Rexxer is on my plans.
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