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Can someone explain what it takes to remove the air filter from a Scrambler 1100. We road some really dusty roads in the Texas Hill country over the weekend. My Scrambler now has about 5,000 miles on it. I thought I should check on it to see if needs cleaning or replacement. I watched a video from 9-01-17 from Albe's garage on Utube. However, his Scrambler example was different to some extend then my 2019 model. I assume I need to remove the Oil cooler behind from fork to access the air filter container. My question is: If I remove or loosen the two hex nuts that are a pivot point for the oil cooler will it give me enough room to get to the plastic air filter box. It looks like the Oil cooler tubes will be in the way. Any experience with this would be appreciated. I don't want to damage something just to check on my air filter.

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