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'22 Desert Sled Fasthouse (In Philadelphia!)

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Hello all,

It seems the time has come I have to let go of this beauty. like the title says, She is a 2022 Desert sled Fasthouse edition. I have added as much protection to the frame, wheels and bars I could think to, as well as some other creature comforts/looks of my own tastes. Along with these parts swaps, I have most of all the stock parts that can go back on if would like them in the sale. It has a little over 8k on the clock(hey, its a blast to ride, ain't it??)....with both the 600 and the 7500 Desmo A services done at a certified Ducati dealer here in Philly(Shout out to Quaker City Motorsports!). Looking to let her go for 11,500. thanks :-/

Parts Swapped/added:
Acrebis Sumo handguards
Puig flyscreen
LED headlight bulb(3D printed my own new housing to accommodate bulb change—yay industrial design)
CRG blindside mirrors
USB charger within frontend of bike(two ports to access tucked between forks.....also displays battery charge)
SW-Motech crash bars
Regulator and Oil protection grates
Givi Skid plate(was silver, painted black—yay for days of custom painting bicycles)
SW-Motech folding shifter
Swapped side panels for seat change
Seat from Cafe Two Seater version—customized with red stitching/blacked out Ducati logo on back
Swapped gearing for more off-roading capabilities—"Superlite RSX Steel Sprocket Set" and 520 D.I.D. gold chain
Rear brake protector
Ducati rear rack...not pictured in some of these but otherwise mostly looks the same
Newer rear tire round 5k....changed to 150 tire

Maybe I am forgetting somethings, but thats basically the gist....here in philly, kept inside whilst not riding :) Thanks!

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