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I am coming off of my first accident (Jan 19, 2015) as well. It took 4 months for them to sort out the parts for my First Run Scout, but I got the call this Saturday that it is "done." They are still waiting on a genuine shifter piece, but they were able to get an equivalent part to work until the genuine part comes in.

I am nervous as hell. I had a little girl pull out in front of me making a left across 2 lanes and a median. Stupid girl. Never even saw me. I thought she had because she rolled up to the stop sign and hesitated. Then she went for it. The result was a shattered left foot and a lawsuit against her insurance co. I am in the beginning stages of all of that and in a whole heap of debt. I was in a boot for 3 months and am about 2 or so weeks back putting two shoes on again.

Good luck with your insurance claim. I hope it goes way better than mine!
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