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A great day out with 3 Scramblers and Italian Motor Magazine

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A damp start, followed by sunshine, and a cracking day out for myself, Albie, and Nik. Lots of pictures, interviews, and riding with Adam from IMM. Pictures to follow :)
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Some great pictures guys, pleased the weather stayed fine for you, :cool:
Bikes look awesome.

Also, who needs a rear mudguard when you have a European license plate! Those things are HUGE!
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Yes I was thinking the same about those massive rego plates.
If you have a smaller plate like mine, you risk a £100 fine :-(
Have you scraped the pegs yet nuttynick ?

I've touched both sides down now and it's made me sh1t myself and giggle like a girl at the same time :D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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