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After 200 miles on a 2021 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro (DSSP) here are a few of my likes and dislikes


Engine: When they first announced the 1100 scrambler, I didn’t understand its purpose because there was only a difference of about 13 hp between it and the 803, but now i do. Yes, there is a better power to weight ratio in the 1100, but also the additional torque and where it is delivered creates a better riding experience. Indeed, this is an engine that is comfortable doing a lot of different types of riding. I think it is as close to the perfect balance for fun as i have found. The engine and exhaust notes are also pleasing. Cannot wait to finish break in period to push it some more.

Brakes: i have had bikes with great brake feel and bikes with great stopping power but never a bike with both — until the DSSP They are excellent brakes.

Suspension: This is another area where the DSSP excels. There’s a road near me that is quite fun but the tarmac is chewed to bits and can throw around lesser bikes — the DSSP handled it extremely well.

Riding position: For me, the riding position and seat make for a comfortable ride. The longest stretch i have had so far is only 90 minutes but I wasn’t starting to feel sore at all.

Fun: The combo of the engine, brakes, and suspension plus the comfortable riding position (and seat) make for a really fun ride.

Fit and Finish: This is a premium motorcycle and the fit and finish are up there with the likes of BMW and Triumph motorcycles with which I compared it.


Turn signals: so far, the only part that looks/feels cheap are the turn signals.

1100 logo on tank: Overall, I think the DSSP is a beautiful motorcycle. However, I think the “1100” logo on the tank panels was a misstep and the first thing I changed.

Lack of creature comforts: i have never had a bike with heated grips or cruise control, but at this price point, i think they should be there.

Heat during prolonged stops: i was stopped at a long traffic light and then a train came. Probably spent five minutes at standstill in total. The heat on my right leg was intense. Never felt any heat at any other lights or traffic.
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