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I've seen lots of contra-indicating posts about the ABBA stand, the Scrambler, and foot pegs.

Allow me to share what works for me. I have a 2016 UE, FWIW.

With the stock pegs, the stand works great as is. Use the little "shims" provided to raise the foot pegs prior to lifting the bike. Easy peazy.

With the Monster pegs, ABBA makes a piece called a "Left hand extender". It is what it says. It replaces the left side fitting piece with a longer one (adding ~ 20mm more clearance). Its not on the website, you have to ask. With that piece in place, and the right side adjusted appropriately, the Monster pegs clear, but you do need to fiddle with the pegs. Reason is that the shims are too thick for the Monster pegs, as in when used, the pegs are too upright. (It make sense if you've even seen or used an ABBA stand). I wedge a screwdriver into the right side and hold the left side when lifting. I keep meaning to make new shims that are about 1/2 as thick as the ones from ABBA.

All in, I like the stand. YMMV.

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