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Action shot :D

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The only action was my photographer's wobbly camera hand :rolleyes:

Ok there was only an inch water, it's usually a raging torrent :D. I love this little ford as it gives me confidence after breaking both leg bones crossing another which had a surface like an ice rink :eek:.

Another of my bike in an empty car park in one of my favourite places, Cardingmill Valley in the south Shropshire hills

Vehicle Motorcycle Grass Trail Landscape

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motorcycling Mountainous landforms
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Hahaha did you lend your camera to a stranger and they couldn't take a decent photo? Hate it when that happens!
Wasn't a stranger, it's someone I ride out with regularly - I said get a pic of me riding through the ford so he was all set up to take the pic but he's crap - the last one he took he cut my head off :rolleyes: would have been a great shot otherwise
You need a very very long selfie handle Gill :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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