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Added bits and bobs

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When I ordered my Classic I also ordered (and have now paid for) the

Handlebar cross bar
Headlight trim & grill (why they are sold separately I will never understand)
Belly pan
Heated grips

I was told everything would be in stock by the middle of June and so I planned my first service for the end of June to allow for some "slippage".

So yesterday I dropped the dealer a note to ask if all the bits were in yet, and the response is that the cross bar and belly pan are in but the other bits wont be in till mid August!!

Disappointed is just the start of it :angry5:

Ducati have dropped a right royal blob with this "Land of Joy" bollox :angry4:
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They're too busy with pop-up shops and hipster marketing to actually get bikes made and shipped! (and parts).
At least you have your bike. :-(
I'm only waiting for my heated grips, :rolleyes:

The rest of your parts Terry were in stock at Woods when I bought mine, give them a call, they may just have them in stock ask for Alan in parts, 01745822922,
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