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Tried posting this in Dereks thread Installing Andreani Cartridge kit
but only get errors, weird!

Hi, i'm attempting this my self, Did the right leg today, left leg tomorrow. I Have a few questions.
Mostly how tight you screw things together.
1, Forkcap to dampening rod? thinking medium tight myself.
2, Forkcap to black forkleg? Hard to tighten of bike just holding the top leg part with your hand. Do you tighten it some more on the bike later? Any specified tork specification for this? Well guessing pretty hard, had to pull a lot when loosening the original cap.
3, Left bottom leg to part (Read somewhere to seat the o-ring) guessing pretty hard pull?

The oil level (110mm air gap whiteout spring and spacer). I filled it with the dampening rod pulled to the top. It locked like that in the picture in the andreani installation manual but i'm unsure.
4, Do i measure the 110mm level with the dampening rod fully compressed or pulled out to its maximum?

The grubscrew.
5, What material should i use? i only find A4 corrosion free alloy but are unsure if it's works with the aluminium.
6, I guess i should locktite it with the strongest loctite i can find.
7. Does it only press against the stanchion or is it a hole in to the stanchion, or screw in to it?
8, Tighten it medium hard? (small screw in aliminium)

Well went pretty ok. Did manage to make a scratch to the stanchion so that sucks. Cant feel it with my skin but can feel it with my nail. Gone try to put some 5000 grid to
the scratch and hope for the best :) Nerves for the grubscrew tomorrow, take my time and it will probably be ok, should take me the hole day to do the left leg. The right one clocked in at 5h including building a holding pipe to hold the internals.

Edit: Tried moving the post to Dereks thread again but i get a notice that i don't have permission to post. Maybe a moderator can move it to that thread for me?
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