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After Market Exhausts

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just to collect some pics and have a list for rainy days

from Zard:

low mount slip on

and high mount full system

by SC project

slip on twin conic '70

slip on twin conic

full system high mount

by Hp Corse

slip on Hydroform

by Remus

slip on hypercone

a Vance and Hines/RSD one on their special.... presently not traded... still.

pls feel free to add more pictures of incoming products by Akra or Arrow....
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Here's another photo of the Zard High. This one looks like it fits better, its not as big as the 'official' photo, which to me looks like a photoshop.

Click here --> Instagram

Ps. The original "zard high" photo, you can't even see the rear mounting bracket, wonder what is holding it. lol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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